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Mochi Ads for Unity3D 3.5.7 & 4 Flash Games

UPDATE: Yes, an update before the bridge and this article are even released‚Ķ Some time ago, Unity decided to stop selling the Flash add-on. So this article is now only for those who have already bought the flash add-on for Unity 4 or use the beta version in Unity 3.5.7. Since the release of Unity […]

Tutorial: Custom Leaderboards With Mochi API (AS3)

Hi everyone, I haven’t found any example how to create a custom leaderboard, so I’ve decided to create one. I’m sure that it can be useful for you :) To follow this tutorial, you should be familiar with the information in the Mochi Media docs. With just a little bit of time, we will create […]

Adding Mochi Ads & Scores to a Stencyl Game

Mochi Media is one of the most popular ways for Flash game developers to make money with their games using ¬†their in-game ads product Mochi Ads. Mochi is also a one-stop solution for game analytics, achievements, leaderboards, and virtual currency. StencylWorks is an easy way to visually create Flash and iOS games for non-coders and […]

Building A Retro Platform Game In Flixel, Pt. 1

Building a retro platform game in Flixel, Part 1 Note: This tutorial was originally written for .net magazine. I’m now allowed to publish it here, so read on and enjoy! Grab the files for download before starting! Retro style games are becoming more popular than ever online. Commonly referred to as “8-bit” these games have […]

Tutorial: 3D Car With A Camera Following It

Ever wondered how to build a simple 3D car movement with camera that follows the car? Let’s have a look at this tutorial, which uses Alternativa 3D 8 (Molehill). Download Alternativa 3D 8. This tutorial consist of these parts: – move the car with keyboard controls – follow the car with the camera The final […]

Virtual Controllers for Touch-Based Devices pt. 1

Virtual Controllers For Touch Based Devices (pt.1) As I’m working on a series of articles on Pushbutton Engine I thought I’d use that as a basis for testing some virtual controllers I have be playing about with. For one, it saves me for having to create the majority of the scaffold code and concentrate on […]

Flash Game Developer Tips by Photon Storm!

Setting-up FlashDevelop and Flixel for the first time Last updated March 22nd 2011 for FlashDevelop version: 3.3.4 and Flixel version: 2.43 Hello World The popularity of Flixel attracts a lot of new developers. Often they are coming into it not from Flash, but from other languages and game making tools. There’s nothing wrong with this, […]

Session Recordings from Flash Gaming Summit

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Flash Gaming Summit to make it a success! We had over 500 attendees registered who participated in two tracks. Visit the Flash Gaming Summit Website for the full program details. Robertson Auditorium Presentations Opening Keynote – Jameson Hsu, CEO, Mochi Media Panel: 4 keys to a successful social […]

The work scheme of an independent Flash developer

In consideration of all the feedback which this post has generated, we have decided to remove it from the MochiLand blog. While it’s great to have opinions heard and a perspective from another side of development — at the same time, we don’t want to be in the position of being seen as endorsing game […]

Triqui’s WordPress Plugin for MochiAds Released!

Haven’t you always wanted your own game arcade? It’s always exciting to see members of our community innovating and helping each other out. That’s why I wanted to give a little plug to encourage you guys to check out the latest creation of Emanuele Feronato, who by the way also writes an excellent Flash games […]