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MochiLand Comics #14 – Out of range, sir.

I’ve always felt this way when playing TD games. Clearly it’s the fault of the tower and not my poor decision making abilities.

MochiLand Comics #13 – You died.

Was it all a dream? No, it was just a video game! Cop out!

MochiLand Comics #12 – POWERUP!

For those curious, this doesn’t work in real life… unless you count uncontrollable bleeding as a “super move”.

MochiLand Comics #11 – Locked

It was a delightful movie.

MochiLand Comics #10 – Hooray for failing!

Learning to cope with disappointment is a very important lesson one must learn when playing video games. “Goodness, this game is not nearly as good as Metacritic said it was.”

MochiLand Comics #9 – Locked Door Physics

This comic is dedicated to the game you played where you came to a locked wooden door, armed with nuclear weapons, and still could not open it just because you didn’t have a key.

MochiLand Comics #8 – Memories

I’ve successfully removed comics from the feed… I think. Let’s remember all the awesome times we had with the Bloons silent monkey.

MochiLand Comics #7 – It’s been fun.

Hey, he’s gone.

MochiLand Comic #6 – QUEST

I realize that some (see: most) of you guys are probably unfamiliar with my style of comics. I tend to shy away from punchline driven strips, letting quirkiness take the spotlight. There really is sometimes just “nothing to get”. In this case, storyline progression.

MochiLand Comic #5 – Desensitized.

After your 108th zombie ragdoll physics game with realistic “blood effects”, everything sort of just blurs into one giant blob of “that’s pretty tame”. For anyone who is curious, he’s drinking orange soda.