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Flash Meets Mobile with Nitrome Touchy

Nitrome Touchy Launches on iOS & Android Nitrome, a game development studio and games portal, has just launched their first mobile app…but it’s not really a game. Actually, it’s a controller to play games. Have questions? So did I, so I asked the Nitrome guys what this app is all about and how it fits […]

Mochi London 2012 Recap

Mochi London 2012 – Better late than never edition! In this write up I’ll try not to mention Nando’s too much. Seriously! I’ll try. Of course, this is the better late than never edition as I also aimed to get this write-up out as fast as I could but I’ve been super busy since Mochi […]

Mochi Summer Contest Series: July Winners & August Theme Announced

2012 Mochi Summer Contest Series Update In case you haven’t heard, Mochi Media is organizing a few contests this summer in our 2012 Mochi Summer Contest Series! We are hosting 3 separate contests over a 3-month period, each with it’s own separate theme. The goal of this contest series is to provide game developers with […]

Mochi Community Contribution: Creating Ally AI by Danny Buoncore

Creating Ally AI That Locates Nearest Enemy and Attacks In this tutorial, you will learn: Basic for loop usage Basic array usage How to find the distance between two points How to use Math.atan2() to have MovieClips follow each other How to fire projectiles How to split a velocity vector into two perpendicular lines using […]

Adding Mochi Ads & Scores to a Stencyl Game

Mochi Media is one of the most popular ways for Flash game developers to make money with their games using ┬átheir in-game ads product Mochi Ads. Mochi is also a one-stop solution for game analytics, achievements, leaderboards, and virtual currency. StencylWorks is an easy way to visually create Flash and iOS games for non-coders and […]

Flash Game Friday Winner: Prizma Puzzle Challenges

Winner’s Circle This week’s Flash Game Friday winner is Prizma Puzzle Challenge by Silen Games! Silen Games strikes again with another fantastic installment in the Prizma Puzzle series. It has been a while since we have had a puzzle as our Flash Game Friday winner, and this game definitely fits the bill as a high-quality […]

Flash Game Friday Winner: Bad Eggs Online

Winner’s Circle This week’s Flash Game Friday winner is Bad Eggs Online by Rob Donkin! You are an egg. You have weapons. Your job is to take out your enemies, which depending on the type of battle you are in could be the other team or literally every egg on the screen! Bad Eggs Online […]

Building A Retro Platform Game In Flixel, Pt. 1

Building a retro platform game in Flixel, Part 1 Note: This tutorial was originally written for .net magazine. I’m now allowed to publish it here, so read on and enjoy! Grab the files for download before starting! Retro style games are becoming more popular than ever online. Commonly referred to as “8-bit” these games have […]

How To Put A New Spin On An Old Genre

Coming up with an idea for a flash game is tough work, but it’s even tougher to come up with an idea that hasn’t been done before. So many games have been released, that it seems like everything has been done. But sometimes all it takes is a little tweaking on an old idea to […]

Recap: Mochi London 2011

  What Is Mochi London? Mochi London has been held for 3 consecutive years now as a community-driven Flash game developer meetup averaging 8-12 attendees, and has traditionally resulted in open conversations with regards to Flash game development. Ernesto Quezada and myself have been to every single one, with Ernesto serving as the organizer the […]