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Indie Your Face: An Interview with Lachhh from Berzerk Studio

The holidays have come and gone, and Simon Lachance (aka “Lachhh”) of Berzerk Studio is still in the giving mood. He has created a great new video series called Indie Your Face, where he gives indie developers tips and tricks on how to make it as an indie game developer. I caught up with Simon […]

Mochi Ads for Unity3D 3.5.7 & 4 Flash Games

UPDATE: Yes, an update before the bridge and this article are even released… Some time ago, Unity decided to stop selling the Flash add-on. So this article is now only for those who have already bought the flash add-on for Unity 4 or use the beta version in Unity 3.5.7. Since the release of Unity […]

2012 Flash Games Market Survey Results

I am happy to announce that the results are in for the 2012 Flash Games Market Survey! This is the 4th year we have conducted the Flash Games Market Survey. This year we partnered with Adobe and once again, giving us a very broad reach. Each year, we poll members from the Flash game […]

John Cooney (jmtb02): FGS 5 Advisory Board Interview Series

FGS 5 Advisory Board Interview Series, Take 3 Welcome to my third installment of the FGS 5 Advisory Board Interview Series! This is your chance to get to know the folks who will determine the content of FGS 5, getting their thoughts on both the conference and the games industry in general. My third interview […]

Mochi London 2012 Recap

Mochi London 2012 – Better late than never edition! In this write up I’ll try not to mention Nando’s too much. Seriously! I’ll try. Of course, this is the better late than never edition as I also aimed to get this write-up out as fast as I could but I’ve been super busy since Mochi […]

Mochi Ads for Unity3D Flash Games

This version of the bridge is not compatible with Unity 3.5.7 and Unity 4. Please check the updated version of this bridge in this MochiLand article. As some of you may have noticed, Unity3D currently has a public preview period for their Flash exporting feature. During this preview period, you can export your Unity3D games […]

Tutorial: Custom Leaderboards With Mochi API (AS3)

Hi everyone, I haven’t found any example how to create a custom leaderboard, so I’ve decided to create one. I’m sure that it can be useful for you :) To follow this tutorial, you should be familiar with the information in the Mochi Media docs. With just a little bit of time, we will create […]

FGS 2012 Advisory Board Series: Simon Lachance

FGS 2012 Advisory Board Interview Series This is part four in a series of interviews of the Flash Gaming Summit 2012 Advisory Board. This is your chance to get to know the folks who determine the content of Flash Gaming Summit, getting their thoughts on both the conference and the games industry in general. This week’s […]

Mochi Community Contribution: Creating Ally AI by Danny Buoncore

Creating Ally AI That Locates Nearest Enemy and Attacks In this tutorial, you will learn: Basic for loop usage Basic array usage How to find the distance between two points How to use Math.atan2() to have MovieClips follow each other How to fire projectiles How to split a velocity vector into two perpendicular lines using […]

Adding Mochi Ads & Scores to a Stencyl Game

Mochi Media is one of the most popular ways for Flash game developers to make money with their games using  their in-game ads product Mochi Ads. Mochi is also a one-stop solution for game analytics, achievements, leaderboards, and virtual currency. StencylWorks is an easy way to visually create Flash and iOS games for non-coders and […]