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Articles on the aesthetics, design, and usability of the game interface.

Post Mortem: Legend of the Golden Robot by robotJAM, Cathy McBurney, and Rob Donkin

Legend of the Golden Robot This was a game produced by robotJAM, Cathy McBurney and Rob Donkin, which was kindly sponsored by Mochi Media. Rob James/ robotJAM (Artist/bad coder/ designer): I spent 10 years making Playstation games and then 5 years in advertising/advergames and am now an indie game developer. I work with Rob Donkin […]

Creator Of Mochi Art Is Exhibiting In SF!

Come Check Out A New Exhibit By SuperDeux With work spanning toys to television, multi-media French artist Sebastien Roux aka SuperDeux’s kaleidoscopic expression makes its way to Kokoro Studio! SuperDeux creates works with unifying elements based on the simplicity of color and shape. Acting as catalyst, SuperDeux’s subversive commercial aesthetic carries borderline political messages while […]

Surprise in the Mail

We received an awesome surprise in the mail today thanks to Cadin Batrack of The Pencil Farm. We hung out with Cadin last month at Casual Connect since he won our free ticket give-away, and as a thank-you he sent us a great art piece that I can’t resist sharing! It’s ABE the robot from […]

Help Yourself To Some Hot Mochi Wallpapers

Happy Monday! For those of you who didn’t see the sneak peek from following our Twitter account (@mochimedia), we have some hot wallpapers for you to check out! Our resident creative genius Sebastien “Superdeux” Roux has whipped up some amazing Mochi wallpapers for your desktop and iPhone. Sebastien was the brilliant mind who was behind […]

Building a WordPress Flash Games Portal – Gambrinous Games

Recently, we announced the launch of our brand new game portal, I’d like to take a few minutes of your time to talk to you about how we launched our portal in record time, and how this same process can be quick and painless for you too. Gather ’round everyone and let me guide […]

Art for Flash Games: Characters

There’s no formula anyone can tell you to make make a really successful Flash game. A great game doesn’t have to have good artwork, be complicated or even be hard to program. However, there are a number of things which you can do to make your game more appealing for selling your game for sponsorship […]

Tools of the Trade

Wondering what tools you should use to create the best sound and music effects in your game? In this helpful read, Zach Young opens up his toolkit. What’s in yours? Tell us! — Maya With the evolution of web-based games running at a break-neck pace, a developer’s tools become their lifeline to keeping their content […]

UI Design for Game Menus

Well you’ve finished your most excellent latest flash game all that’s left is to stick on a menu screen. 5 minutes later with a picture in the background, slap a few bits of text around and the jobs done, sweet. I despair sometimes, there are some great games out there with truly dreadful menu design. […]