Toronto Game Jam Recap

Good Times, Great Games at the Toronto Game Jam!

Mochi Media was a sponsor for the Toronto Game Jam, referred to by veterans of the event as “TOJam”, which took place on May 13-15.
With 270 total attendees TOJam is one of the largest clicks and mortar game jams you will ever find. The efforts of the organizers, a team composed of independent game industry veterans of the Toronto scene (namely, from Get Set Games and Bigpants), have helped this event grow steadily for the past 6 years- they really do a great job in putting on the event and bring quite a bit of organization to something that is inherently fairly chaotic.


TOJam is a free event to attend, and the schedule is simple- make a game between Friday night and Sunday night, then submit it to win. People take breaks for food and sleep, as well as some conversation and game playing, but generally folks are working around the clock to make a great game.

Looks like someone just got their hands on some Mochi stickers!

Technologies at the jam vary, as do the game types. TOJam welcomes all types of developers, from newbies to game industry veterans. I am told that the games from the jam will be posted soon, so keep checking their site if you want to see them. If you are interested in participating or just want general updates on the Toronto Game Jam, be sure to follow them on Twitter.

Huge thanks to the organizers at GetSetGames, we hope to come out again next year!