Speakers and Mochis Award Show Finalists Announced for FGS 5!

Speakers, Sessions, and Mochis Award Finalists!

We are happy to announce speakers and Mochis Award Show finalists for FGS 5!

FGS 5 Speakers

After a long process of speaking proposal submissions and Advisory Board evaluations, we have selected the best of the best to speak at this year’s conference. Meet the FGS 5 speakers!

  • Luc Beaulieu, CTO, Frima Studio
  • Carl Callewaert, Product Evangelist, Unity Technologies
  • Chris Condon, Game Developer, Con Artist Games
  • John Cooney, Game Developer, Kongregate
  • Jean-Philippe Doiron, Principal Architect R&D, Frima Studio
  • Stephen Harris, Co-Founder, Ninja Kiwi
  • Thibault Imbert, Sr. Product Manager, Adobe Systems
  • Simon Lachance, Co-founder, Berzerk Studio
  • Josh Larson, CEO, Mochi Media, Inc.
  • Ethan Levy, Co-founder, Quarter Spiral
  • Danny Parker, Head of Technology, Ninja Kiwi Europe
  • James Pearmain (Jimp), Freelance Game Artist
  • Ryan Schaefer, Associate Director of Development, Monster Media

Meet all of the speakers and learn more about their sessions by visiting the FGS 5 Speakers page!


Mochis Award Show Finalists

After more than 1,400 total submissions for the annual Mochis Award Show, we have our 30 finalists that will compete for the final prize in each of the 10 categories! We are also pleased to announce that our host for the Mochis Award Show this year will be Mike Pollack (a.k.a. Tasselfoot). Visit the Mochis Award Show page for more details!

Best Game Art

  1. Knightmare Tower
  2. Super Adventure Pals
  3. Jacksmith

Best Strategy Game

  1. Bloons Tower Defense 5
  2. Takeover
  3. The Last Stand: The Dead Zone

Best Shooter Game

  1. Strike Force Heroes
  2. Pirateers!
  3. Decision 2: New City

Best Action Game

  1. Abobo’s Big Adventure
  2. Knightmare  Tower
  3. Rogue Soul

Best Cross-Platform Game

  1. Bloons Tower Defense 5
  2. Paladog
  3. Infectonator 2

Best Multiplayer Game

  1. Pocket Creature PvP
  2. Red Crucible 2
  3. Realm of the Mad God

Most Creative Game

  1. Sequester
  2. Cuboy: Back to the Cubeture #2
  3. Super Adventure Pals

Best Sound Design

  1. Siegius Arena
  2. Sands of the Coliseum
  3. Relic of War

Players’ Choice

  1. Strike Force Heroes
  2. Kawai Run 2
  3. Burrito Bison Revenge 2


About FGS 5

Yesterday, there were platform-specific game developers, from Flash to mobile to online. Today, there are just game developers making great content for as many platforms and devices as possible. Being an indie game developer or small development team has never been more exciting.

Game creators with roots in Flash are branching out to new platforms, opening up new opportunities and revenue streams. Often the first (and arguably the easiest) platform for game creation, Flash is playing a huge role in this gaming evolution with a large community of indie game developers, small studios, and gaming portals that spread games across the Internet at lightning speed.

Join us for a one-day conference dedicated to fostering the growth and success of today’s game creators and publishers. This conference will bring together leaders and pioneers in the ever-evolving Flash game space to share industry insights and strategies on successful game design, development, and monetization.


Visit www.flashgamingsummit.com for conference and registration information!