Ponycorns at TedX Toronto

Ryan Henson Creighton & Cassie Talk About Education

The CEO of Untold Entertainment, Ryan Henson Creighton (also an FGS speaker alum), was given the opportunity to do a talk at TEDX Toronto on education, and he brought his daughter Cassie along with him! As a matter of fact, Cassie leads the initial discussion about the game they made together, Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure. The game was made at a weekend game jam in Toronto known affectionately as “TOJam” (Toronto Game Jam), and has experience international acclaim and press coverage. It also uses Mochi Ads, the earnings of which go towards Cassie’s college fund.

No doubt, the TEDX folks viewed this game and it’s creation as a wonderful example of getting children hands-on with technology (and it is). After talking briefly about the creation and success of the game, Ryan gets to the central theme of the talk: “we should be creators, not consumers.”, which focused on the importance of making technology education a priority for children today.

Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure is a great game (I was actually lucky enough to witness it’s creation, as Mochi Media was a sponsor of TOJam). More importantly, Ryan’s message about improving education and making children “masters” of technology instead of simply users was was well-received..and spot-on. Check out the video below, it’s short and to the point!