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Flash MindMeld

Be sure to check out the Flash MindMeld, a virtual event where 60 experts are given 60 seconds to give their advice on how to be successful in the Flash games industry!

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What Makes Or Breaks A Successful Flash Game?

That’s the question 60 of the greatest minds in Flash games answer for you — providing keen insight into the world of Flash game development.

Who are these experts? Top game developers from around the world like Tom Fulp, Brad Borne, Sean Cooper and Andy Moore. The guys who make game-changing games from the ground up.

You’ll discover… the key ingredients that make a successful Flash game as well as insight into strategic and tactical execution directly from the very trendsetters of Flash games and people who arguably create the best and most successful games in Flash.

The bottom line: Whether or not you’re just getting your feet wet in Flash game development or you’re a fully fledged veteran, with so many pieces of advice, there’s something to be learned by everyone.

Experience the Flash MindMeld today!