Mochi Coins Update

Hi – earlier this year, I wrote about how Mochi Media was returning to our roots of focusing on our advertising and distribution business. We’ve been busy working to optimize that business—removing Mochi branding from our ad container and leaderboards, adopting new video standards in our ad technology, increasing and deepening our relationships with sponsors, returning our focus to developer & publisher community (as evidenced by our Summer Contest Series), and preparing for what should be a busy Q4 holiday season for the ads business.

We’ve also taken a hard look at what’s working and what’s not working, in support of our core ads & distribution business. As part of that process, we are announcing today that we will be discontinuing the Mochi Coins business effective October 15th, 2012.

Coins games have had a hard time getting picked up in distribution. Larger portals tend to run their own microtransactions systems. And there is a general dislike of external branding and outbound links in distributed games (more on this below). Also, the costs of maintaining the Coins economy are high relative to the user revenue from these distributed games.

Below summarizes the implications of the October 15th shut-down of Mochi Coins–

For developers with Mochi Coins-enabled games:

  • Your game(s) will continue to function after this change, and purchased items will still be accessible. Store functionality however, including the ability to purchase new items, will no longer be available.
  • While the product will be discontinued, developers will still be able to access your Mochi Coins data via your Mochi Media account.

Our suggestions for developers are as follows:

  • Update your game(s)–change the game such that it no longer has a virtual store (making it completely playable without microtransactions)


  • Utilize another microtransaction platform. Mochi will accept games into distribution that utilize other microtransaction platforms, as long as they include Mochi pre-game ads.

For publishers with Mochi Coins games on your site(s):

  • You may want to evaluate them on a game-by-game basis to determine if you want to keep them on your site. This may also depend on if / how the developer changes the game. Again, all games will continue to function, but players will no longer have the ability to purchase items in-game using Mochi Coins.

For players with Mochi Coins in their account:

  • To ease transition for these users, we have partnered with Ninja Kiwi to give players the option to exchange Mochi Coins for Ninja Kiwi Coins.
  • All players who still have Mochi Coins as of October 15, 2012 will be able to exchange them for Ninja Kiwi coins. There is no expiration on this offer; they will be able to make the switch at any future date after October 15, 2012.
  • Note this agreement between Mochi Media and Ninja Kiwi only applies to players with existing Mochi Coins, and has no direct implication for developers.

As I mentioned above, there is a general publisher dislike of external branding and outbound links in distributed games. As many may recall, Mochi Media created a federated login system that worked in many of our tools and services. We have already removed this functionality from Mochi Scores (leaderboards), which leaves only three places you can find Mochi login access: Mochi Coins, Mochi Social, and the actual login widget.  This login system contained external branding and links that publishers don’t necessarily want on their sites.

Therefore, in our continued effort to improve distribution, we will also be retiring Mochi Social (which includes the Mochi Login Widget) on October 15, 2012. This is another product with low adoption that frankly didn’t hold much value for developers. This change will not affect the social functionality (i.e. posting to Facebook, Twitter) that you see in Mochi Scores today, rather, it will have an impact on the API calls that allow players to invite their friends to play, gifting, and posting on their friends’ Facebook walls. In fact, most of you won’t notice this change at all.

Here is a timeline of what you can expect:

  • September 17th: General announcement for discontinuing Mochi Coins
  • October 5th: Players can no longer fund their wallets (i.e. Mochi Coins no longer for sale)
  • October 15th: Mochi Coins and Mochi Social are officially discontinued, players directed to exchange Mochi Coins for Ninja Kiwi Coins

Mochi will head into 2013 with a much more focused business. Bottom line: the time we were spending to maintain the Mochi Coins platform will be spent on growing your business on the web and other platforms.

We appreciate your understanding as we retire the Mochi Coins business over the coming weeks.

Thank you,

CEO, Mochi Media, Inc.