Heads Up, HTML 5 Developer Conference April 1-3

A quick note from some friends of FGS:


Photo collage from previous HTML5 Developer Conferences

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The HTML5 Developer Conference, currently the largest JavaScript and HTML5 Developer Conference in the world thanks to people like you, will be held on April 1-3 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. This time we are as per requests expanding our training offerings on the third day so check them out if you want to explore some topics in more depth.

We are excited to welcome both new and returning experts. Along with returning favorites we are grateful to some speakers coming for the first time, many making a special trip from outside the area and country.  You can see our current speaker lineup here, which you can check back to see updates as they come.

Early bird tickets are available. Our ticket prices start lower and increase.

We’ve expanded last year’s successful Training Classes selection, which now includes:

Training classes are all on April 3rd, while the conference days are April 1-2. We are proud to offer this quality lineup of instructors.

As HTML5DevConf holds its 4th conference, we hold to our responsibility and community contribution in being a developer-friendly conference by:

  • Continuing to offer a diverse group of some of the best speakers in the industry on leading edge topics.
  • Continuing to offer the most reasonable price at possibly the most difficult location in the world to do it in — our beloved downtown San Francisco.
  • Still being a grass roots event run created people who never wanted to be anything but developers.

Have questions? Email Ann or Dave at organizers@html5devconf.comor tweet us @html5devconf.