Flash Game Friday Winner: Spaceman Vs. Monsters

Winner’s Circle

This week’s Flash Game Friday winner is Spaceman vs. Monsters by BestPhysics.com!

Spaceman vs. Monsters is a clever and well thought-out puzzle platformer. You are a spaceman, and your goal is to escape the monster while rescuing your fellow space travelers. Each level presents you with a unique challenge and set of tools to overcome them. It’s your job to solve the riddle to move on!

Spaceman vs. Monsters is a fun, engaging puzzle platformer with a great artistic style, well-designed levels, and nice physics. Congratulations Bestphysics.com!

Get To Know Bestphysics.com

Tell me about yourself- how many people are on your team? Where are you based?

I’m Sergiy and live in Lviv, Ukraine. I worked on this game together with Zhenya Volik who did the all graphics (I dealt with programming and level design).

How long have you been making games? What did you do before?

I can hardly remember now, I tried to make my first game about ten years ago but I never finished. After that I tried again a couple of times but nothing good came out. But when I started to maked a Flash game 3 and a half years ago I had the intention to finish it. I made it in my spare time …it took a while to finish.  I did not have much experience in programming games, I could not draw at all. But it was my dream to make a game, and I finally did finish it.

Then I learned that games can bring profit, and one day I sold my game and it was fantastic. It was a hobby that brought money, it’s something you can only dream about. At that time I had been working in a big IT outsourcing company. After having made a couple of games I decided to leave the job and dedicated myself to game development.

What was your inspiration for “Spaceman vs. Monsters”?

We had been inspired by the game Hambo 2. At first it seemed very much alike but we tried a unique gameplay. I hope we managed to do it but in any case thanks to  Rob Donkin & robotJAM for inspiration and a super game.

Did you encounter any major challenges or hurdles during development?

There are nine types of weapons in the game, and it was chellenging to make them work altogether. There are also  many levels in the game, and it took a lot of time to make and test them all.

What types of games do you like to create the most? What types of games do you like to play the most?

Most of my games are puzzles but I got a bit tired of them and am thinking about making a platformer (or something else). If we talk about “big” games, I like to play RPG, action and some strategies..

How long is your game creation cycle? What is your process?

Usually it takes 1-2 months to make a game. When I have an idea of a game I ask advice of Zhenya and try to make a prototype. Then I look at what comes out and think if it is worthwhile to go on or not. I always show the prototype to my wife Olya who gives me her honest opinion, apart from the times when there are zombies in the game  (cause she’s not going to look anyway). In this case I show the game to someone else. ;)

If the prototype turns out to be good, I begin developing the game (which is always chaotic because the process is unpredictable). When the game is almost ready I add the sounds, test the game, and ask to play my friends. At this stage you find out that there are still many thing to work out.

Well, practically after that the game is ready.

Are there any game developers that you admire or consider “rock stars”?

Juicy Beast , LongAnimals, and a special thanks from my three year-old daughter who is a fan of the games made by ROBIN VENCEL from pencilkids.com :)

What is it about making a new game that you enjoy most?

It is the moment when your idea is being implemented in the game- it makes you feel like a creator.

The thing I don’t like is the polishing of the game (when you think that the game is almost done but you keep finding something to be fixed).

Do you have any hot projects you’re working on right now?

I have just finished a puzzle about hungry hedgehogs called Winter Insomnia and started to make a platformer, but maybe it will be a completely different game genre.


Thanks Sergiy, and good luck with Winter Insomnia!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sspurr Sean Spurr

    Sergiy makes awesome physics games. I sponsored his latest one which is mentioned in this post, Winter Insomnia, which can be downloaded and put on your own site through Mochi’s distribution system or in a zip download on my site gamebrew.com. It’s one of the best physics games I’ve come across and got a editor’s rating of 8 on FGL. Direct link to the zip: http://www.gamebrew.com/games/dls/winter-insomnia.zip And you can play it on our site too: http://www.gamebrew.com/game/winter-insomnia/play