Flash Game Friday Winner: Space Survivors

Winner’s Circle

This week’s Flash Game Friday winner is Space Survivors by Single Button!

Space Survivors is a really creative puzzle game, where you are a spaceman who needs to find the exit in each level.

As you float around, you’ll want to collect stars- try to collect them all before you exit! There are also fans that make things more difficult for you (a little wind from a fan can really take you off-course when you’re in space!).

The neat physics and high overall quality of graphics are what make this a Flash Game Friday winner- congratulations Single Button!

Get to know Single Button

Tell me about yourself- how many people are on your team? Where are you based?

I am based in Russia, in the beautiful city of St.Petersburg.

How long have you been making games? What did you do before?

I have done my first game about 2 months ago. You can play my other game Armageddon here.

What was your inspiration for “SpaceSurvivors”?

This question made me think a lot, but I really don’t know what inspired me to create Space Survivors.

Any major challenges or hurdles during development?

I can’t say that it was hard, I just didn’t know a lot of things. So I had to learn, and that learning process seemed to solve all of my problems.

What types of games do you like to play the most?

I like to play my own games. :)

How long is your game creation cycle?

I made Space Survivors in about 2 months.

Are there any game developers that you admire or consider “rock stars”?

There are blogs of independent developers that I read often, but that is quite a big list, and I can’t highlight someone specifically.

What is it about making a new game that you enjoy most?

I like both programming and drawing, so I enjoy the whole process of game development.

Do you have any hot projects you’re working on right now?

Right now I am back to my main job, but as soon as I get a new nice idea of the game I am definitely gonna do it again. :)

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