Flash Game Friday Winner: Escape from Robotron

Winner’s Circle

This week’s Flash Game Friday winner is Escape from Robotron by Genetic Factory!

You are a peaceful green creature. Robots have crashed on your planet. You have to escape being captured by them!

In this fun escape game, you have to use items and strategy to get to safety. Watch out, because if you are seen by a robot it is game over!

With fantastic original artwork and cleverly constructed levels, this escape platformer is a well-deserving winner of this week’s Flash Game Friday- congratulations Genetic Factory!

Get To Know Genetic Factory

Tell me about yourself- how many people are on your team? Where are you based?

Hi, my name is Ramon Shchelkunov and I’m a freelance 2D\3D artist. This project was solely made by me. Currently I’m working with my friend on an unannounced mmo project in UDK, but we still continue developing games in Flash. We live in a small provincial town called Kursk, here in Russia.

How long have you been making games? What did you do before?

I started making games in 2009. At first it was single models or custom made backgrounds, then I gained experience working with 3D graphics in a small company. Mainly it was unfinished projects or part time freelance work not involved with games.

What was your inspiration for “Escape from Robotron”?

Long before starting Escape from Robotron, I devised a character, which I named “Ptyan”. Then I started thinking how could I put this tiny creature into action. The first try, was a small racing Flash game with Ptyn riding a bike, although it was not a big success, it gave me a bunch of useful experience. Then I discovered a game called “Machinarium” by “Amanita Design” studio. It was like a revelation for me, and I decided to make something with similar visual style in flash, taking my Ptyans as main characters and angry robots as their usurpers.

Any major challenges or hurdles during development?

At first I planned to design it like a cooperative game, where you choose among 4 characters and use them in different situations. Each Ptyan on the team would have its own abilities and skills. I planned to make a bunch of physics-based and logical puzzles, which would prevent the team of Ptyans from easy entrance to the town of Robots, in their quest to save their compatriots. But it turned out that a serious project of such scale would take a lot of time and effort, while I have to make some money to live for, so I had to feature cut the content and shorten the game, to make it released sooner.

What types of games do you like to create the most? What types of games do you like to play the most?

I like strategy games, quests and FPS the most. I usually play these games a lot but, I’m not opposed to other game genres.

How long is your game creation cycle? What is your process?

It’s hard to estimate exactly, when you work solo you plan your deadlines by yourself. Sometimes I take long pauses when working on the project if I give in to laziness, or just run out of ideas and stamina. This project took about 2 months if we talk about the exact development time.

Are there any game developers that you admire or consider “rock stars”?

I cannot tell for sure. There are a lot of marvelous game designers and game development groups, but I don’t try to mimic them, I would like to find my own way.

What is it about making a new game that you enjoy most?

Along with simply being a good hobby I would say that game creation is the most wonderful thing you can devote your skills to, especially when you decide what you want to do and how you want to do it.

Do you have any hot projects you’re working on right now?

Yes, currently I’m working on a sequel called “Return to Robotron”. This time it will be an action\platformer game made in neat pixelart style with dynamic gameplay like Contra.
Thanks Genetic Factory, can’t wait for the sequel!