FGS 2012 Advisory Board Interview Series: Daniel McNeely

FGS 2012 Advisory Board Interview Series

This is part two in a series of interviews of the Flash Gaming Summit 2012 Advisory Board. This is your chance to get to know the folks who determine the content of Flash Gaming Summit, getting their thoughts on both the conference and the games industry in general. This week’s Advisory Board interview features Daniel McNeely, CEO, Armor Games.

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Introduce yourself- who are you, how big is your team, and how do you participate in the Flash games industry?

My name is Daniel and I help run Armor Games with a bunch of talented indie developers. Our main team consists of 11 people.

What did you do before?

Before Armor Games I use to work in a cubicle for an online advertising company. It was a great experience and it taught me a lot about running an internet company. While in the cubicle I got addicted to several web games and decided to start a portal with a unique theme.

How did you first get into the Flash games industry? Tell us about your path.

I got introduced to many talented developers through the oldest and coolest portal around; Newgrounds. Through interacting with the developers, I found a community of people who were passionate about gaming and it inspired me to find ways we could partner together.

What was the biggest challenge for Armor Games in the early going? How does that compare to the types of challenges you face today?

The biggest challenge early on was finding a reliable webhost and someone who could manage our servers. My background isn’t in database management so finding qualified people proved to be challenging. The biggest challenge faced today is adapting quickly to the changing landscape of gaming. (Social, HTML5, etc)

What is your process for determining content for ArmorGames.com?

We play the game and see if it we enjoy it.  :)

How do you determine which game developers to work with? Is it just the developers making the best games? Anything else?

We work with a variety of developers and are open to partnering with anyone who has a talent and passion for gaming.

What has been your proudest moment since joining the Flash gaming community?

Some of my proudest moments are seeing those around me succeed. I love seeing Fancy Pants on Xbox Live or Jmtb02′s ‘Achievement Unlocked’ featured on every gaming blog, or Joey and Con’s ‘Crush the Castle’ passing 500 Million plays. Being able to share these things with the coolest people I know, makes my life very rewarding and enjoyable.

What is it that you love the MOST about the Flash games industry?

I love meeting developers and seeing the unique things they create on the platform.

What do you like the least?

Not being able to work with every developer who approaches us. We have a limited budget so turning developers away is my least favorite part.

How has the industry changed since you fist joined?

There’s been a lot more competition and the landscape has changed with the introduction of Social Games, the App Store and HTML5.

The theme for FGS 2012 is “Maximize Your Game”. How do you think Flash game developers are maximizing their games today? What could they be doing better / differently?

They maximize their games by never sticking to the status quo. The games I see released get better and better each year.

Where do you see the Flash games industry going? What’s in store for the future?

I see the games industry continuing to grow. I think developers will become less dependent on a single platform as HMTL5 and other technologies emerge.

What part of Flash Gaming Summit do you enjoy or look forward to the most?

Meeting indie developers.

In your opinion, why should people come out to FGS 2012? What should they expect?

To experience a community of people who are focused on making the world a more enjoyable place; one play at time.


Thanks for taking the time Daniel, see you at FGS 2012!