Dictionary.com “Word Play” Winners

Drum roll, please!

We here at Mochi are happy to announce the winners of the Dictionary.com “Word Play” contest! This contest’s judges included Dictionary.com, Astroflyer (winner of the last contest), Mike Arlington (creator of Word Drop) and myself. Make sure to give the games a go and to congratulate the winners!

First Place: Word Machine by Eternal


Second Place: Clockwords: Prelude by Gabob


Third Place: Meaning Fall by MBX Games


Honorable Mention: Word Kingdom by Wandah


Honorable Mention: Adlib by Alex Schearer


  • http://www.mochiads.com Ryan Nichols

    This contest really produced some amazing games. Everyone should check them all out.

  • Claudio Geraci

    I’m very proud to have be taken part to this contest. I entered to the contest with my first game WordChomp and I think I have to much to learn. Anyway, congratulations to the winners expecially to ClockWords…for me the best game in the contest! ;)

  • http://princeporter.com Porter

    Congrats to all who entered. I’ve only played Clockwords thus far (and loved it), but I’m sure the others are great as well. Are these games available for web masters to add to their sites? I’d love to add them if they’re publicly released.

  • http://www.alexandershen.com Alexander Shen

    @porter: If you’re a publisher in our system, they should be all available for you to grab. One of the requirements was to put it in distribution.

  • http://www.nobleflash.com mario

    Congrats to all the winner. I also like to play Clockwords, the game idea is fresh…

  • http://moichigames adam

    Congrats every body who won

  • Sandie

    From what I can see, these games look fantastic and are a fun way to learn English. Some constructive feedback from a nerdy tefl teacher: Please correct the tenses in the profile.”In his spare time he often writes” not “is often writing” etc. thanks :-)

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