Casual Connect and FlashGAMM Kyiv

This past week I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at both Casual Connect Kyiv and FlashGAMM in Kyiv. It was great to meet everyone there!

Casual Connect had a packed schedule of presentations throughout the day. I also had a great time at Flashgamm, which brought together 150 Flash game developers for a two-day conference the weekend following. They pulled together an excellent event with tons of great presentations for the group live and also broadcasted online. You can check out the Flashgamm sessions (for those of you who can’t read Russian like me, here’s a link through Google translator to give you an idea).

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here a few photos below! You can also find many more photos of FlashGAMM here (1, 2).

Presentations at Casual Connect

George Bain’s presentation on Developing the Playstation Network

Left to Right: Badim, Barry White, Simon Jones, Ada Chen

Over 100 Flash game developers present at Flashgamm

Badim speaking at FlashGamm

  • r00z

    Thank you for visiting FlashGamm! Your presentation was perfect :)
    I hope you liked Ukraine and Kyiv.

  • Rostislav Siryk

    Ada, thank you a lot for visiting the FlashGAMM in Kiev and giving us all there a great opportunity to get in touch with the very front edge of flash game market, which Mochi is just on.

    Your speech was brilliant and very professional. I know a lot of people (and me too) will look through the recording again and again.

    Thank you!