Boost Your Revenue with Mochi CPA Ads!


I am happy to announce that the new CPA ad products from Mochi Ads are now available in public beta! We plan to keep optimizing this over the next few weeks, but we wanted to get it in developers’ hands as soon as possible.

What is it?

Our intention in creating this new set of ad products was to give developers a flexible, unobtrusive ad that they could utilize anywhere in the game to help boost their revenue. This new CPA ad type also enables us to reach a new category of advertisers (like MMOs), who purchase most or all of their advertising via CPA.

The new Mochi Ads CPA products are based on the “cost per action” or “cost per acquisition” advertising model where advertisers pay once a specific pre-determined action is taken. Because payouts happen once an action has been taken, CPA ads are not paid out on an impression or click-thru basis.

Each ad campaign will have its own unique pre-determined action that is required for payout, so not all campaigns will be the same. The new CPA ad products will enjoy the same revenue share as all of the other products in the Mochi Ads family.

Examples of possible paid actions:

  • New user registration
  • If the advertisement is for an MMO game, a payable action could be the purchase of an item within that game (note: deeper actions like this also have higher payouts)

The CPA products consist of a bar with 5 (default) ad slots. Each ad within the bar will include a 90×90 graphic, link, and short copy text (visible on the rollover). Placement and use of these ad products is completely up to the developer, with the ability to be placed anywhere inside the game.

Developer features

  • Location: you can place the new CPA ads virtually anywhere in your game
  • Visibility: the Dock version allows you to conceal the ad unless a player mouses over a particular section
  • Scaling: developers can scale the ads to properly fit their games
  • Ad quantity: developers have the option to limit the number of ads displayed to as few as 3, with a maximum of 5
  • Traffic share*: developers will be able to participate in traffic share ads for this new product, but we will only show traffic share ads from developers whom have implemented a CPA ad in at least one game

Sponsor feature

We have included a feature for game sponsors as well! Game sponsors that Mochi Media currently works with will get a dedicated ad slot in each instance of a Mochi Ads CPA product within their sponsored game.


Showcase & Dock

The new CPA ad comes in two different flavors: Showcase & Dock.

In the Showcase version, the ad is scaled a little larger by default and is static. The ad can be placed anywhere, and is always visible.

In the Dock version, the ad will appear when the player first lands on the screen where the ad is implemented, and will then slide off-screen leaving only a small tab at the edge of the screen. The ad will re-appear when the player mouses over the area of the game screen where the small tab is located. The ad location is determined by the developer.

When should I use it?

This new ad should be used in addition to other Mochi Ads products, helping to really boost your overall ad revenue. Any pause in gameplay is potentially a good time to implement one of these ads (such as menu screens, between levels, shops, etc.).

Note: Even though it is possible, the CPA ad is not really intended to be used on its own. Additionally, use of only the CPA ad in a game will not qualify that game for Mochi Media distribution.

What does it look like?

Here are a few games that are already using this new ad product:


A few screen shots:


Bearbarians: Showcase ad on the menu screen, player can click the “X” to close.


Takeover: Dock ad slides down from top-left corner (slides back after a few seconds).



Firebug: Dock ad slides out from left (slides back after a few seconds)


Papa’s Burgeria: Dock ad slides out from right (slides back after few seconds), and has been scaled down in size. (while it is up to the developer to do this, we do expect that scaled down ads will lead to diminished performance)


Public beta- how can I try it?

We’re calling this a public beta because we are still working on optimizing this new ad product. The more games and advertisers we get integrated into the new ecosystem, the better it will perform. Ready to get started?!

  1. Download the latest version of the Mochi API
  2. Follow the documentation for “Dock” & “Showcase” ads


* Traffic share and sponsor ads are obviously not CPA. Even though this is the case, for communications purposes we will continue referring to this new set of products as “CPA ads”.

  • Lets Design

    Shame that just using CPA will not qualify a game for distribution. As it’s within all parties interests.

  • Colin Cupp

    Here is the rationale:

    This is a public beta- we don’t really know how well CPA Ads are going to perform in the long-term. We expect CPA Ads to be a really nice revenue booster when used in addition to our other ad products.

    If we are wrong, and CPA starts to outperform other ad types, we could change this policy. Allowing games that only have CPA ads into Mochi Media distribution right now would essentially mean that everyone makes less ad revenue, which isn’t the goal for anyone.

    All that said, developers can always make versions of their games with only Mochi CPA Ads and distribute via other channels.

  • Paulina

    What does that mean for advertisers? Will there be less remnant CPM traffic available, if CPA ads take off?

  • Colin Cupp

    No, this should have zero negative impact on our CPM-based ad products. Again, the purpose of this product is to be used in addition to our other ad products (not in place of).

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  • Victor Lemur

    This can be applied to Unity3D?

  • Webvir Inc.

    This is what our Company is Awaiting for !! Thank you So Much Mochi Team!!