Announcing the New!

I am happy to introduce the new! We have redesigned our main website, and have extended our new brand identity across all of our online destinations.

Why did we do this? We had some goals.

  1. Apply our new brand identity to all (currently supported) Mochi Media online destinations
  2. Update website content & focus
  3. Reduce page count
  4. Modernize the site
  5. Unify our site and apps with a more consistent user experience
  6. Improve site speed
  7. Make it user friendly for mobile devices
  8. Some other stuff on the backend that probably isn’t very interesting to you, but is immensely helpful for us


What’s new?

We have reimagined our external site, applying a new identity (look & feel) as well as a new content structure. We wanted to make sure our site accurately reflects Mochi Media and what we have to offer Developers, Publishers, and Advertisers.

The home page has a new layout that includes a much larger rotator, a feed from our games catalog, newsletter signup, Twitter feed, and an additional blog post feed. We decided we needed to re-prioritize what we were showing on the home page.

We streamlined our product pages, taking the previous independent pages and combining them into one page with multiple anchors for each user type. The idea here was to make it easier for each user type to see and understand the Mochi Media platform.

We also applied the new look & feel for the global navigation bar & footer across all of our (currently supported) sites and apps. This includes the main site, all three account applications (Dev, Pub, Adv), the Games Catalog, the Community Forums, and Support / Documentation pages. The end result is a more unified experience for users as well as a cleaner, more modern interface.


We hope you enjoy the new look over at!