Announcing the Flash Games Market Survey

Flash game developers and publishers,

We’re excited today to announce the opening of the first ever Flash Games Market Survey!


The vision behind the Flash Games Market Survey is to get clear insight into what the market looks like for game developers and publishers alike. This was created by Mochi Media in partnership with Adobe, FlashGameLicense, Newgrounds and Casual Gameplay ( to learn together and educate the community. This survey will satisfy your curiosity on questions like:

  • What’s the age and gender breakdown for the Flash game developer and publisher community?
  • Are Flash game developers typically working solo or in small groups?
  • What are the most effective avenues for developers to make money from Flash games?
  • How are publishers driving traffic to their websites?
  • Does a typical publisher purchase sponsorships or licenses?

Your responses to the survey results are COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. Reporting will only be done on an aggregated basis and no personally identifiable information will be released. We will release the full report of survey results back to the community once the survey is completed. As a way to thank you for participating, survey respondents will have the option to receive an early preview of their survey results and win prizes for participating =)

Take the Survey

Note: The survey will close August 7, 2009.

Thanks for participating and don’t forget to spread the word and encourage your friends to help out, so we can all learn together!

7/16/09 Update: Newgrounds is now a Flash Games Market Survey partner!