Announcing Mochi Achievements!

I am happy to announce the official release of the new Mochi Achievements API!

Mochi Achievements API Summary

Flash game developers can now implement a completely customizable achievements system in your games that is free, flexible, and easy to use. The Mochi Achievements API also gives developers the flexibility of 2 toaster sizes (toaster = achievements pop-up) and 9 toaster placement options so that your achievements system looks and feels the way you want it to.

Speaking of look and feel, there is no Mochi Media branding in the default UI, and we encourage developers to implement your own UI (using the Mochi Achievements calls) for a more seamless game integration. The default UI comes with an achievements list, toasters, and graphics for the locked and unlocked states of your achievements (but you can easily customize the “unlocked state” graphics in the default UI).

We have also included a points system (points related to the achievements, developer-determined) complete with progress bars. Your players can view their points and achievements progress as they’re earned/unlocked.

Who Should Use Mochi Achievements?


  • If you don’t have the time or desire to create your own achievements system, but would love to have a quality solution that gives you control.
  • If you are looking for a solution you can completely customize, either with your own branding or even a sponsor’s branding- you can be as creative as you want to be.


  • Take advantage of the Mochi Publisher Bridge for site-specific achievements, getting more value out of your community and your players.
  • You can request that developers implement Mochi Achievements with your branding for sponsorships and site-locks.

Mochi Achievements Examples

Flying Candy, Papa’s Taco Mia!, big LITTLE plagiary 3, and Flood Runner 3 are all examples of games that are using Mochi Achievements in different ways to “achieve” the same goal. Check out the two example games below to see the contrast between the default UI and what can be done with a custom UI.

The first example is big LITTLE plagiary 3, which uses the default UI. The second game is Papa’s Taco Mia, which is using custom UI created by the developer along with the Mochi Achievements calls. Note that the default UI has no branding, while the customized UI can be made to look however you want it to (including sponsor branding).

big LITTLE plagiary 3 Achievements List (default UI)

big LITTLE plagiary Achievements List


big LITTLE plagiary 3: Achievement Unlocked (default UI)

big LITTLE plagiary: Achievement Unlocked


Papa’s Taco Mia: Achievement Unlocked (developer customized UI)

alt text


Papa’s Taco Mia: Achievements List (developer customized UI)

alt text

What Makes A Good Achievement?

Most game creators would agree that achievements make games more engaging and encourage players to stick around (increase replays). But how do you know if you are making a good achievements system? Here are a few resources we thought were interesting on the subject:

Want to try it out? Here’s how!

  1. Download the latest version of the Mochi API
  2. Once you have the latest API, log in to your developer dashboard
  3. Select the game to which you would like to add achievements
  4. Select “Achievements” in the left-hand menu
  5. You should now see the information to create and edit achievements.

This new tool is a direct result of the community giving us product feedback- you wanted it, we thought it made sense, so we made it. Let us know what other products and features you would like us to work on by visiting our product feedback forums.

Be sure to let us know what you think about Mochi Achievements- we want your feedback! :)

  • Kego Grog

    You might want to check the link to ‘big LITTLE plagiary 3′ in the text, because it’s incomplete. Except for that I’m excited to try this new part of the API it on my next game.

    P.S.: Y U NO accept login via mochimedia on mochiland?

  • Colin Cupp

    Thanks for the catch Kego Grog! Re: login, we are using Disqus on MochiLand to keep spammers at bay. :)

  • Brad John

    Fortress Magnus flash game
    With Wonderful flash game Fortress Magnus
    Tried to protect the castle from enemies by shooting at anyone who approaches the castle, fired missiles at the invaders, and get the spoils and assistance  WASD or Arrow Keys to move and Mouse to Aim and Shoot.

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