A New Look for MochiGames.com

This week, we’re rolling out an improved version of MochiGames.com which is only the first of many exciting new announcements to come in the near future (hint: please stay tuned during Flash Gaming Summit). In brief, we’ve improved MochiGames.com as part of our overall goal to make it easier for developers to connect with their gaming fans and discover more of the amazing games within the Mochi network.


The improved website showcases all distribution-enabled games on the Mochi Ads network, and is a valuable way for us to increase distribution for your games and websites. As a developer or sponsor, MochiGames.com is an opportunity for you to generate more traffic for your own website or direct traffic to your sponsor’s website. Games are not played on the site, but instead we send any gamers out from our website to the game play URL which you specify (details below on how to do this). In addition to this, in the future MochiGames.com will allow users to become “fans” of a developer, so you can communicate and interact directly with your most avid fans.

UPDATE: If you have any support questions, please visit http://www.mochigames.com/help/

Key Features

One of our key experimental features is designed to make game discovery easy on MochiGames.com is MochiPop. MochiPop is a game popularity index which scores games based on a range of network data such how many plays the game has been getting. This will make it easier for users to discover new, hot and trending games in the network. This is something that we’re planning to tune over time, so please head over to www.mochigames.com and check out what you think of the games and their MochiPops. :) Based on your feedback, we’re planning to tune and improve the algorithm over time to reliably help users choose interesting and fun games for themselves.

On the front page of MochiGames.com, we’ve showcased the most recent activity taking place in distribution-enabled games… Players also have access to their gamer stream consisting of everything going on with their friends and people they follow. Look for more changes to come regarding how you can use the gamer stream as a powerful and effective communication channel to interact with your fans.

Social Network Integration
We’ve launched today with Facebook, Twitter and MySpace integration so gamers can connect directly with those networks and find friends who are gaming as well. If you find new friends on MochiGames.com with exceptional taste and skills at discovering the best games, you can add them too and keep track of what the best games are on the Internet. This multi-network login system will be extended in the future to the rest of the Mochi platform, so you can use it across all of your games.

Gameplay on Your Site
Games on MochiGames.com don’t get played on the site, and instead we send gamer traffic out to your site through whatever custom game play URL that you set for your game. See below for detailed instructions on how to set your custom game play URL. Games played from MochiGames.com load with a special gamer bar above the play page for gamers to see game category and other information. Through this bar, we can encourage gamers to discover and play more of your games across the entire Mochi network.

Tell us what you think!

Our vision is for MochiGames.com to be a game showcase to help promote and distribute the best games on the Internet, so we’re looking forward to hearing what you think. Let us know by comment below or sending us an email at team@mochimedia.com!

Developers & Sponsors: Setting Your Custom Game Play URL

Log into your developer dashboard and select the game that you want to set. Click on Game Settings on the left side-bar, and select the edit button under the Game Profile sub-heading. Your custom game play URL can be set in the ‘Public URL’ field.


Frequently Asked Questions

What games are discoverable on MochiGames.com?
Gamers can find the entire catalog of distribution-enabled games on the Mochi Ads network through MochiGames.com. Games have their own profile pages and then can be played on the developer-specified URL.

How do I get my game on MochiGames.com?
Getting your game onto MochiGames.com is easy. Simply get your game approved and distribution-enabled through Mochi.

How do I set my custom game play URL?
Log into your developer dashboard and select the game that you want to set. Click on Game Settings on the left side-bar, and select the edit button under the Game Profile sub-heading. Your custom game play URL can be set in the ‘Public URL’ field.

Why don’t I see my game’s activity on the Recent Activity feed or search?
The recent activity feed shows the recent score submits and other activity on the network across distribution-enabled games. If we do not have permission to distribute your game, we will not make this game activity visible anywhere on the site. Distribution enable your game to make your site more discoverable.

Is a game’s MochiPop fixed?
No, your game’s MochiPop can change over time based on a variety of factors that we take into account. Particularly with brand new games, you can see a lot of variation in the MochiPop as it adjusts over time.

Why does my game not have a MochiPop?
Game MochiPops are regularly recalculated and refreshed, so hang tight if your game doesn’t have one yet.

What is MochiPop based off of?
A game’s MochiPop is based off its performance and history within the Mochi Media network. It is calculated taking into game performance factors such as number of plays over time. It is not necessarily a measure of how good the game is, but instead a measure of how popular the game is with the users on the Mochi Media network for the relative span of its lifetime. This is an experimental number, so please give us your feedback and we’ll continue to tune it over time to make it better.

Will MochiPop be available to publishers in the publisher feed?
Not right now, but we’re planning to make this available in the future.

  • _SEKR_user

    Please change the dialog “It appears you don’t have any friends on mochigames yet”. It prevents me from accessing any of the games in My games. If haveing friends is a requirement, then please make that explicit, or else add a “dismiss” or “later” link to drop the dialog.

    Thank you.

  • http://rustyarcade.com Cicla

    this sounds very good :) and yeah the website looks awesome!

  • moshen

    @_sekr_ thanks for that report, we’ll get that fixed!

    @cicla glad you like the new site!

  • _SEKR_user

    @Moshen, it appears I got confused with the new layout. Before March 1 when I browsed to http://www.mochigames.com/ when logged in, the page would show in “Recent Activity” the games I recently played and all the links were clickable. Now, the site starts with the Recent Activity listing the Friends tab and what appears to be a fake listing (designed to show what it would look like with friends, I suppose).

    Also, now, the Premium games listed in My games top right are not clickable. I have a memory that before March 1 they were clickable. I now need to click “View more of your games” (or click on the ME tab, or click on My Games in the My Profile pulldown menu) before a clickable list of games appears.

    For example at https://www.mochigames.com/my/dashboard/ I see the fake “Your stream” panel with the “You don’t have any friends” dialog, while at https://www.mochigames.com/my/games/ the page shows a “You Played” panel top left with clickable links.

    In any case this is a minor quibble, but I thought I would report it as it could confuse others and I was not sure this was intentional.

  • http://www.bluearcade.weebly.com TacoM

    Nice work guys, keep it up!
    The MochiPop feature seems like it could be very useful. THNX!


  • http://www.grayger.com/ grayger

    The mochipop must be a nice feature. Thanks! My game’s score is not bad.

  • cool abel

    good job guys

  • http://www.thepencilfarm.com Cadin

    It looks nice, but could use some UI improvements.

    The MochiPop score needs a little more explanation on the site. If I hadn’t read this post how would I know what that number is supposed to signify? I don’t see it labelled or explained anywhere.
    What does the trophy icon indicate? It makes me think the MochiPop number has something to do with high scores or achievements.

    Why is the MochiPop score not shown on the Premium Games game pages?
    Bloons TD 4 is featured in 2 different places on the home page, but there’s no clear way to find its MochiPop score.

    It also seems strange that the player avatar is associated with the game icon rather than the player name. The first couple clicks I thought that was the avatar for the game’s developer.

    In the Top 15 Games section I would expect that the game category tags (‘Puzzle’, ‘Action’, etc.) would be clickable links that would take me to a list of other games in that category.

  • http://wixgetoutmiley.org/wix anna

    hahahahahahaahah this is a cool game

  • http://mochigames.com william

    this a cool website

  • http://mochigames.com william

    what is mochipop?

  • shura2412


  • http://brandonking.weebly.com/ Brandon

    I love playing lots of games on your site. My favorite game is Bloons Tower Defense 4. But the one thing that I’m confused about is the mochicoins. Is the only way to get more mochicoins to buy them, or can I earn some by playing games?

  • ricta

    I love the site and how u can get ranks and stuff but it would be REALLY cool If there was some way u could earn the Mocicoins too. I think it would make people want to be more achievable and play more if there was a way u could earn them too. Like getting a high score, or beating something a certain amount of times etc.

  • tommy

    how come my score dosent go up ive played loads of games and it never goes up thanks



  • Guiga

    The games are cool but the site itself sucks… give us a option to play the game in a diferent window… this way we dont lost after half hour of intense game play at wave 27 on SAS insane asylium just because you miss click a link out of the game window… ¬¬ *furious*

  • Wade

    Is anyone else having issues with a Flash pop up coming up that says it wants to load information onto your computer? I can’t play anything, and I can’t even click the “allow” of “deny” button on the pop up.

  • http://mochiland.com kurd123

    how do you get mochi coins

  • lou

    theres an issue that,,,ihave premium in my desktop ,,, why is it that i dont have it in my laptop w/c i used to have it,,, now i cant play premium track in my laptop,,,

  • aragon

    Hi. I play kingdoms at war a lot. I have 3 accts running on my pc in KAW. Since last week I am unable to run the accts simultenously which I was able to do all the time. Everytime i open a new browser window and logout of mochigames to get into 2 nd acct the 1st acct also switches over to the 2 nd acct. Please help

  • leoblaze9

    Hi. I’m posting my problem here because i couldnt find any other link to report my problem for Arcuz. So i was in the middle of playing arcuz on Google Chrome (latest stable version) when suddenly all the tabs refreshed. this happened before and everything was normal in the game. however, this time after arcuz loaded again, i noticed that my sword of apollo was missing. it wasnt in the inventory or equipped to me at all. all i did before the refresh was raise the lvl for attack bonus % to lvl 2. it also had lvl 3 thunder, after composing it to raise the bonus to lvl 2, the game said that it saved. and i also walked to the circle to save also. and after that the browser refreshed and my sword was gone! :(
    please fix this bug. thank you.

  • silverneesha

    I am confused about what happened on my account. I’ve been playing the Zombie Assault a week ago but now, even if I had successfully logged in in my mochigames account, my username doesn’t appear on the screen. Thanks

  • http://xat.com/speedthehedgehogs_video_gaming_center killerinstinct9000

    i havent got my mochicoins after i played thats game on gamevance, i need them dude if any1 could help thanks, i rly need auto shotgun for zombie assault 2

  • http://3294000 493801005

  • Kiljeadenn

    ummmmmmmm im having the same problem as silverneesha if you could help me also that would be nice thank you?

  • eman

    do i need to buy a mochi coins to play arzuz?

  • http://juhajaavalo.spaces.live.com/default.aspx?sa=206687092 Jaavalo

    Interesting games and very nice to play anytime, when like to use computers and
    need hightechnical entertainments.

  • http://www.alexandershen.com Alexander Shen

    Nope. The game itself is completely free to play! Premium items that may make the game easier require Mochi Coins.