MochiLand is a developer community by the folks at Mochi Media. We started this site to offer game developers a professional place to connect, share information, and improve their craft. Our mission is to help this community continue to create high quality Flash games.

The online games community creates extremely fun and innovative games, and we believe there is a tremendous potential for this to grow. This community will be a way we can facilitate developers to share knowledge in a safe environment that is both fun and professional. In addition, MochiLand gives us a place to host our community tools or services that assist game developers to this end. We will continue to grow this site and community in whatever direction makes sense – so be sure to let us know what your thoughts are.

About Mochi Media, Inc.

Mochi Media, Inc. is dedicated to building tools and services that support passionate content creators so that they can focus on what they love most: creativity.

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